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 Suffering from anxiety, generational problems, unexplained illnesses or just  need a breakthrough in your life?

  Do you need divine guidance and direction from El roi! we are here to pray for you and with you.

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The value of  person  to the service of God  according to Lev. 27 by age group   
1 shekel =$10.40
Male Ages
1 mnth-5years -5 shekel =$52.00
5-20years-20 shekel =$208.00
20-60 years- 50 shekel = $520.00
60+ years- 15 shekel = $156.00
Female Ages
1 mnth-5years - 3 shekel = $31.20
5-20years-10 shekel =$208.00
20-60 years -30 shekel = $312.00
60+ years - 10 shekel = $104.00
*A poor person  unable to pay should reach out to the priest to make other arrangements


We believe and stand on the written word of God through his son Jesus Christ by the way of salvation by been born again, water baptism and the infilling of the Holy Ghost. 

     " Always believe in what you pray for !

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